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The Sustainable Procurement Opportunity

With $10.1 trillion per year of goods & services procured by institutions, sustainable procurement is poised to be the next green wave. And, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council is the group to join to realize the benefits of this business and sustainability opportunity. [i]

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, is a new organization which plans to develop a ‘shared platform for guiding, measuring, and recognizing, leadership in sustainable purchasing just as the U.S. Green Building Council has for green building’.[ii] There are thirty founding members including: Office Depot, Domtar, Dell, FedEx, USDA, US EPA, State of California Dept. of General Services, and the city of Washington, DC. [iii]

Reminiscent of the founding meeting of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition ten years ago, the founding summit of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council last August, which I was honored to attend, had the same energy, enthusiasm, and, most importantly, the right players in the room to ensure the ambitious goals of the new organization are realized. Just as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition was catalytic in packaging, so too will this organization be for purchasing.

Given the magnitude of the opportunity, government agencies, private corporations, higher education institutions, NGOs, certifiers, standards developers, consultancies and procurement tool providers will want to closely follow the work of this group and consider joining as a general member when this option becomes available later this fall. For more information on the organization, work stream, and membership opportunities, please visit:

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